Breakfast Run

Lauder to Stow Breakfast Run on Sunday 4th March

Two on road routes with stunning views and a fast downhill finish (and therefore a tough uphill start)

5 Mile Route
Starting at The Leisure Centre head north along the A68 and turn left at the war Memorial and head up the minor road signposted Stow. Continue up the road for approximately 3 miles until you come to the waterin stane on your left. Pass over the Cattle Grid and continue down hill for the remaining 2 miles to the finishing point of clouds café in Stow.

10 Mile Route
Starting at The leisure Centre head south on the A68 after about 800m turn right onto the minor road to Blainslie. Turn right at the first junction (Upper Blainslie) and continue up hill until you come to a cross roads at Blue Cairn. Turn Right and continue along the minor road until you come to the next crossroads at Threipwood. Go straight over the cross roads (going left takes you to Gala and right to Lauder). Run past the entrances to Wooplaw community woodland and continue up hill for another 3 miles until the road starts its sharp descent just past the Wind Farm. Follow this road downhill until you emerge in Stow at the junction of the Lauder 5 mile route, with Clouds café on your right.

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